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Silverstone paddock building

The UK engineering sector contributed a total turnover of £799 billion in 2008, an increase of 11.6% on the previous year.Engineering is made up of a deep value chain that extends across research and development (R&D), design, production, distribution and services.

The knowledge driven manufacturing sector is mostly constructed of small to medium sized enterprises (SME) with its central hub based within the ‘Motorsport Valley’ cluster. This is predominantly located within the South East of England and extends into Buckinghamshire

  • The UK is the world’s 6th largest manufacturer which contributed 55% of all exports and 75% (£22.5 billion) of industrial R&D.
  • The High Performance Engineering (HPE) industry sector in total employs over 40,000 people with 25,000 of these individuals being skilled engineers
  • The High Performance Engineering sector made up from a set of high knowledge intensive industries, which mainly take the form of Engineering, Design Engineering, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defence and Motorsport.
  • Estimated turnover of the 4,000 companies that participate within the sector is around £5 billion, of which 55% accounts for exports

Aylesbury Vale and Silverstone Development Plan

AVDC and South Northants district councils have jointly agreed a development brief. This proposes amongst other developments an employment park adjoining the circuit, an expansion area of around 25ha, commercial development likely to be concerned with production, technical and motor sports uses and higher education and hotel and conferencing facilities.

Opportunities at Silverstone

For details of commercial property availability and business opportunities for your business please visit www.silverstone-park.com

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