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We’re planning carefully for this growth, to make sure it brings opportunities for all ages, and enhances the quality of life which our residents value so highly. This means you can benefit from the lifestyle of living in Aylesbury Vale as well as a highly educated skills base and space for your business to expand.

AVDC have made a commitment to releasing land for business development, so we have plenty of good quality commercial property available at competitive prices. Under the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan, we have approved several key employment sites for development to suit a variety of different business needs.

These key employment sites comprise either greenfield employment sites, existing commercial premises or established business parks, with outline planning permission for future growth.

These include:

  1. Aylesbury Vale Estates Commercial property portfolio
  2. Berryfields Greenfield development
  3. Haddenham Business Park
  4. Long Crendon Industrial Park
  5. Westcott Venture Park
  6. Silverstone

Summary details are contained within the site leaflets attached below.

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